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Musician & Composer

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The Adam Page Ensemble PREMIERE PERFORMANCE, September 2nd 2017

8:00 pm – 11:00 pm ACST

Nexus Arts, North Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000

"The Adam Page Ensemble (TAPE) is the newest artistic venture of multi-award winning musician and composer Adam Page. TAPE sees Page taking a side step from the performing limelight and into a composer/conductor role while handing over the music to the interpretation of his wondrous, genre-diverse ensemble members. This concert will be the world premiere of both the ensemble and the song cycle in which they will perform entitled ‘Broadcast’ - signifying modern humanity's addiction to the Internet and 'devices' and its compulsion to broadcast their own lives while voyeuristically looking in on the lives of others".

TAPE are: Adam Page, Julian Ferarretto, Emily Tulloch, Rachel Johnston, Lyndon Gray, Dean Newcomb, Thomas Pulford, Vashti Tyrell, Jackie Newcomb, Sam Cagney, Jarrad Payne and Fleur Green.

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Many thanks are due to Arts South Australia for their generous